“My Wife Cheated On Me For Seven Months With My Bestfriend When My Company Transferred Me From Kumasi To Accra”- Man Shares One Of The Lowest Moments In His Life

A thread made by a twitter user with the handle name @WHOISMRKOA is a documentation on how his soon to be wife was cheating with him on his bestfriend.

“First week of talking she invites me to her condo warming party.. I pull up and all her friends are there.. Girls and guys.. Mind you I barely know her at this point.. So I don’t know anyone there.. But I’m social so we get to playing some drinking games.

I don’t know who made this game up.. But we all agree to put a bunch of questions into a bowl and EVERYONE has to answer whatever question anyone pulls out.. The bowl comes to me and the question is “when was the last time you had sex?”.. Who set me up!? Holy.. Anyway I answer..
Remember we’ve only been talking for a week.. We hadn’t slept together yet.. So my answer was about to shake the room.. I tell the truth and say “3 days ago”.. As I avoid all eye contact with her.. I may have just shot myself..
Now there’s this Spanish yute sitting directly across from me and beside her.. It’s his turn to answer that same question.. I wasn’t entirely certain at the time.. But I’m PRETTY SURE he whispers to the girl I’m seeing “when was the last time again?”.. And he says “last week”..
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………… Pardon? Nah.. It’s the liquor I’m tripping.. She doesn’t have a man she’s currently smashing in the room right now.. Nope.. I convince myself I was must have misheard and the game continues.. It’s her turn to answer.. She gets up and “gets everyone drinks”..
I’m like “It’s your turn”.. She goes “you guys keep playing.. I’m just getting more liquor for everybody”.. I give her the shifty eyes.. But I didn’t want to make it an issue.. Especially since nobody in the room even knew me.. But I’m TRIPPING inside..
I can’t stop thinking about Spain POTENTIALLY whispered to her.. So much so I can’t even focus anymore.. And I proceed to leave around 2am.. It’s late anyway.. So I make that my excuse for the abrupt decision to stop playing.. She notices I’m off and meets me at the door..
She’s like “everything ok?”.. Of course I lie and hit her with “I’m good.. Just getting tired”.. I can tell she doesn’t buy it.. I can see she’s trying to replay the night and locate the moment she slipped up.. But we both hold composure and I leave..
I sit in my car for 20 minutes.. Then I text her “Listen.. I know we’re not even together and we just started talking.. But don’t invite me to a party with a man you’re fucking”.. I couldn’t keep it in any longer.. But she was ready..
She responds with the vintage “wth are you talking about?” line.. So I continue to tell her about what I believed I heard.. “Spain turned to you and asked you when was the last time”.. This is where she goes into her bag.. “First of all.. Me and Spain are ONLY friends..”
“He didn’t ask me when was the last time him and I had sex.. He asked when was the last time he TOLD me he had sex.. Because he’s always telling me about chicks he’s fucking”.. Bruh…….. At the time I felt like an IDIOT.. And because I barely knew her.. Now I look CRAZY..
Because I now felt like a damn psychopath.. I apologize.. I APOLOGIZE.. And tell her come outside so I can tell her in person.. She comes and she milks me for all I got.. “I can’t believe you would think I would do that? Wow.”.. I apologize AGAIN.. She leaves and drive home..
Fast forward.. We get past that “mishap” and we continue to talk for the next 7 months.. Truthfully without any issue.. No fights.. Met her family.. She met mine.. But I haven’t made her my girlfriend yet because that night in week 1 still hasn’t left my mind..
My dad is getting married.. And he asks if I want to invite her as a guest.. Now my dad’s WEDDING is no small thing.. So I had to really think hard if I would bring her to that.. After some thought I decide she’s been amazing for 7 months.. Why not right?.. Well..
For the entire time we’ve been talking.. I hadn’t posted a single photo of her.. Kept it on the low because I had my concerns.. But if she’s coming to my dad’s wedding.. I felt this was the day I’d make her my girl.. And release it publicly with my first post of us.”

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