” Ladies Are Cheap So Never Pay For S*x” Matured Man Educates Budding Men.

Reading from a thread on the profile page of twitter user who goes by the handle name @Engr_Vincent0 is an advice to young men never to pay for s*x becasuse he believes ladies are cheap

“Sex is the cheapest thing a person can offer another person. Rather, offer him value. He can always get sex, but not all ladies will add value to his life, brilliant people appreciate mental stimulation more than sensual stimulation. Don’t spoil him with sex. Don’t let him have

you just whenever he feels like. But don’t reject him rudely. Let it looks like your mind is focused on a problem e.g. an ongoing project, or a challenge he presently has. Show more interest in his life, family, work, projects, health etc always ask him questions about those
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aspects and later ask follow-up questions about his previous answers. Support him spiritually, pray with/for him, help him out whichever way you can on his projects, research about things he discusses with you and surprise him with your knowledge when next you’re together,
encourage him to be better than he his, further tour education, be industrious, focus on your life too.
All these things are easy to do for a person with a good mind. Also note that no relationship is perfect because we are human being. I wish u all d best in your relationship”.
He tweeted.

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