Only Fools Marry Or Date “Born Ones” Counsellor Luterdolt

Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt, is a controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor who has spoken about various issues in the country and has received backlash for some of his comments.
The latest from this self made counsellor is an opinion of his which has caused an outburst on various social media platforms.
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According to counsellor Luterdolt, he finds it very absurd for  a young single man to go in for a lady with a child, to make more emphasises  on this statement he quizzed
” which football mactch has ever began with 1 -0 in favour of one of the teams”?
What do you think about this statement, share your opinions with us in the comment section below

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