“It Is Not Compulsory For Your Boyfriend To Take Care Of You” – Angry Man Tells Ladies

Love is a difficult subject to talk about and understand.
The way people see love is different and peculiar to each individual.

Some fall in love based on looks, or fame or infatuation or lust or wholesomely for material and monetary provisions.

Ladies are usually caught in this web of demanding money from men before they give out their love to them. This act does not encourage the men to continue to show genuine interest in these kinds of women.

Any girl who demands the payment of bills or any monetary commitments before showing love does not understand love in the first place.


‘If you can’t pay my bills, you are not worthy of my love’ is not a conversation about love. It is a commercial contract. It involves buying and selling. What is being sold is not even love. It is intercourse or escort services. Definitely not love.

It is not compulsory for your boyfriend to take care of all your needs, he is not your father in the first place. He is also not your husband.

Your boyfriend is just your friend. You need me and I need you, that’s how boyfriend and girlfriend are supposed to be. You both can pay each other’s bills if you can but it’s not compulsory for a boyfriend to be taking care of all his girlfriend’s needs. You can break up anytime.

Boyfriend/girlfriend is about helping each other. When things didn’t work, nobody loses. You both learn something from each other.

Stop playing the role of a father in a relationship

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