Mr West Writes: Upper east and Upper West Not Part of Northern Region – Letter To 3Music Awards Organizers

I write to you with much sadness and disappointment at the latest developments coming from your 3MUSIC AWARDS outfit.

As stakeholders of music development in Ghana and in a quest to awarding deserving and hardworking musicians, your outfits created this awards scheme and even goes further this year to create a category for Regional based hardworking musicians who aren’t on our Ghana mainstream artiste dub “THE NEXT RATED ARTISTE” however my sadness and disappointment came when I flip through that category nominees and didn’t see the two Upper Regions namely #UPPER_EAST And #UPPER_WEST who also have talented hardworking musicians striving to hit the GH mainstream.

mr frances

We realized or are forced to understand that, the two Upper Regions were added to Northern Region who has all the nominees as NORTHERN SECTOR and that is an acceptable. Yes we are Northern sector but separated as 3 old and now 5 Regions and if all the five can not be separated in this but at least the 3 old regions (#UPPER_WEST , #UPPER_EAST And #NORTHERN_Region) must be separated to give a fare share of opportunity to our artiste to also grow.

I don’t know what informed this decision but it is kind of disrespectful to Add 3 Regions to a single Regional category with all nominees from a single region that is Northern Region. Am not saying those nominated in that category aren’t good or talented, NO! but ;
•We want equal recognition
•We want equal opportunity
•We want equal attention
•We want equal chance

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#20_PLENTY everything plenty this year
For our own regional music industry growth and development.
Sadiq Abdulai Abu my name is #MR_WEST and I write on behalf of #UPPER_EAST and #UPPER_WEST please find a way of fixing this issues Thank you.
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Mr. Francis

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