Check Out The Military Strength Between Iran and USA – Why Iran must not revenge

With the reports going on about Iranian military command being hit by US, many are of fear that Iran might revenge an attack on the USA soil. Well, lets take a look at their respective military strength below and why Iran might surrender revenge:


USA:  Active military personnel : 1.3 million Total Aircraft strength including helicopters and UAVs: 13,400 (including 4th and 5th generation fighter Jets and bombers.) Combat Tanks: 6, 287 Armoured fighting vehicles: 39, 000 Self propelled artillery: 992 Towed artillery: 864 Rocket projectors: 1056 Aircraft carriers: 24 Frigates: 22 Destroyers:68 Submarines: 68 Corvettes: 15 Nuclear weapons: 6,185 Defence Budget: $716, 000,000, 000

IRAN: Active military personnel: 523,000 Total Aircraft strength including helicopters and UAVs: 509 ( only 3rd generation fighter Jets and bombers.) Combat Tanks: 1,634 Armoured fighting vehicles: 2,345 Self propelled artillery: 570 Towed artillery: 2,128 Rocket projectors: 1900 Aircraft carriers: 0 Frigates: 6 Destroyers:0 Submarines: 34 Corvettes: 15 Nuclear weapons: 0 Defence Budget: $6, 300,000, 000

From the above it can be seen that even if the Iranian leaders are insane they can never provoke the USA to an all out war because they will be crushed and totally annihilated. In this jungle we live in the USA remains the top predator.

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