After “Year of Return”, Let’s introduce “Year of Honesty and Common Sense” for our leaders – Blogger Mr Francis Writes


Awesomely, the leadership of this government have been able to reckon hard to introduce one of a kind initiative that have brought lot of big names from the diaspora to Ghana and still counting.

The likes of Steve Harvey, TI, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Akon, Alkaline, Cardi B, Rick Ross, Ludacris and many more big names from the Hollywood scenery has shown no hesitation rushing to Ghana as part of the initiative “Year of Return”.

I must applaud government and stakeholders who made this possible… and edge them to capitalize on this opportunity to let them visit tourism places nationwide.

With that been said, the question myself and many people can’t get off our heads is, how did you get this “gold idea” about Year of Return from? Well, it’s obvious they know what’s good for this country but all they do is introduce bogus and arrant nonsense policies out of greed. Many at times they pass bills that never go a way to improve the lives of Ghanaians… Most of these baseless initiatives only goes to tabulate the waste of tax payers monies and renders the commoner in society more pain and agony. Not to point out much in this article, “Corruption” has become the favorite delicacy of the Ghanaian politician.

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“I strongly believe we should introduce a “Year of Honesty and Common Sense” for the Politician to help them really notice they’re doing the worse to the ordinary Ghanaian.

Yes, this should call for international well to do selfless politicians coming to Ghana to give them good coaching on how governance is done. The youth of Ghana are hungry and need something done else the next generation will have nothing to live on.

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