Thunder strikes 19 year old “Sakawa” boy to death at Tarkwa

News from Tarkwa reaching has it that, a 19 years old “sakawa” boy has met his untimely death as he has been struck to death by thunder just this afternoon.

“Kofi Guy guy” as popularly known in Tarkwa was a 19 years old senior high school drop out who got himself engaged into the “sakawa”  cult at the age of 17.
He’s best remembered as the only person in the town who owned a Range Rover velar and was normally seen with a lot of girls usually accompanied with loud music.

In the early hours of today, he and some friends went to a popular eating place in Tarkwa to eat “emo tuo” and also share a couple of drinks.

After they had finished eating and were heading back to his car to drive home, thunder suddenly struck him which made the friends he had come to eat with ran away.

At the moment, we are digging out to find out the cause of “Kofi Guy Guy’s” death.
His body is currently at the Tarkwa government hospital mortuary.

We will update you the further happenings to this developing story.

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