Larry Hoover is known to be the founding father of hoovNation,one of the most important clan of all time in Kasland. Deep in the heart of songwriter, and recording artist, Larry hoover is quietly shaping the sound of kasland music scene from his independently owned.On a typical day, he wakes up around nine, walks over to the next room, and begins recording sessions.


larry hoover is human like the rest of us, but it’s hard not to see him as some of the fundamental archetypes of hip pop and afrobeat. Larry Hoover is the wild creative who has lived more lives in one life that most of us can imagine. He is the quiet one, the humble one, the guy who does his job in the background and is pleasantly surprised when people cheer for him. He is the showman and class clown. You will understand it clear when to watch his short freestyle on facebook,Instagram,Snapchat and other social media platform.

Larry hoover once said to the CEO of wegossipgh.com that “I’ve always been interested in improvisational recording and kind of capturing things off the cuff and then trying to make something of them, but this wasn’t the first time to do that – not just myself, but bring in other players to really embellish on and elevate the songs,”


His rhythmic innovations had a major influence on most popular music styles, including R&B,HipHop, HipLife, Afrobeats and of course Rap. Larry Hoover, a sampling genius, has borrowed from Omar Sterling of R2B rap style on multiple occasions.

You’ve likely seen one or more of these archetypes in every concert you’ve ever attended in kasland. This is a rising star who has come up with the following run of songs: Manta De Maata, Iron Man Refix, Focused and many more. He is the main face of Kasland when you talk about rap freestyle.

If a band had written literally any one of those songs, they could have lived the rest of their life in pure comfort based on the royalties from it alone, not to mention continued shows he has been call to shake the atmosphere. Real hommies still play all of them splendidly. “FOCUSED” is the type of song that should give anyone hearing it in person chills. But what sells the performance is not just the fact that these are some of the best-written songs of all time or that all the people performing them are talented musicians; it’s the authenticity that they bring to the table.

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