The Shatta Wale Syndrome puts ‘Already” as the most Rated song on Billboard

Just barely 24hours after the release of the most talked wordwide “Lion King” album by Beyounce, the inter has catch lotta fire flames as music lovers and critics can’t stop talking about the positive and negativeness of it.

The Lion King which honoured most of our African artist by having them feature on it has been one of the most talked about foreign album so far by the African Continent.

Shatta Wale, who happens to be the only artist featured on this big deal in history saw most of his fans and critics talking over the week till it’s release. Shatta Wale’s piece on the album which is dubbed “Already” have received both positive and negative reviews since it release.

Well, whether good news or bad, the most important thing is, it’s a great deal for the artist career as far as international recognition are concerned. Good news trooping in from the camp of Shatta Wale shows “Already” is the only song on the Album which has been able to get lotta votes on the Billboard top rated songs chart in less than 48hours. That’s massive and it’s all because of the Shatta Wale fanbase syndrome.

Bless the King



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