‪HUAWEI CRISIS : Facebook suspends app pre – installs on huawei phones ‬

Just when we thought things were getting better on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei vs USA battle after the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance eased their relations with the company. Following U. S. President Donald Trump’s effective ban Facebook has said it won’t let any of its apps to be pre-installed on Huawei phones.

Facebook suspends app pre – installs on huawei phones ‬

‪Well the fairness part is customers who already have the App on their phones can still use it and receive updates but the new Hauwei phones would not be able to have Facebook Whatsap and instagram pre-installed‬.

China banned US services from big companies in the likes of Google, Badoo, Facebook, OneDrive etc. to protect it’s ecosystem. It is like they fired the first shots and now US is retaliating for banning Huawei. The tie is getting interesting and serious but the question is will Hauwei lose it customers?

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