The Hypocrisy of Sarkodie is Overwhelming and shocking – Letter to Sarkodie (by: Mr. Francis)

Hey once again it’s your favorite youngest blogger Mr. Francis.. I trust you are all doing well. Errrmm if only you’ve been following my post, not long ago I threw some conscious banters on Ghana’s legendary rapper King Sark for being hypocritical and blind pretense on the current government. Well, just 12hrs ago, the rapper without any shame actually endorsed my calling by exposing how hypocrite he’s been all this while.
I told a story in part one of my article to Sark on how he’s suddenly become blind to the current hardship and corruption boiling in this Nana Akuffo Addo’s government. We all remember how he’s used just 2years to compose 3 horrific songs to the Mahama government bantering them on how astray and worse the then administration was performing.
To me, I think is time people of Ghana especially music lovers looked into Sarks face and spell the word “Hypocrite” to him. He’s eventually started playing smart and damage controlling what he started. Bro, I put it to you never to start something you can’t finish. Take a look at A Plus and bow your head in shame for putting on a trouser you can’t wear for all battles.
Is quite obvious you’re a supporter of the current government and afraid of coming out clear to banter their performance unlike you did in the past. It’s quite sad and am beginning to loose my assured respect for your brand of late due to your unpromising words for us.. Mr. Okodie, the youth of Ghana look up to you as a greater motivation so stop mudding up your brand with hypo tags.
What you did with the previous government at least made and brought some positive impact to their administration by taking heed to your words for those songs… It somewhat played an impact on the voiceless youth as well…
King Sark, when things get hotter in this country today, at least we are 100% sure you as an achiever would be able to survive BUT think of your fans out there who contribute to about 40% of the unemployed youth in the country. I put it to you to stop the pretense and step up your game else we are gonna crown you as the most hypocritical artist in Ghana and for that, you sure deserve it. Be like the Martin Luther King, be like the A Plus, be like the Nelson Mandela’s… Stand for the truth even if that’s gonna let you loose people.
I personally have some few questions for you bro;
1. Have you heard of the dishearten security threats mother Ghana is facing under this current government?
2. Do you ever turn your radio on, if yes.. you hear of the petty petty corruption that have taken over the country by this administration?
Example, the most recent one involving the presidency appointing a CEO for an Empty Port (Lol I mean, a port that’s not in operation actually appointing a CEO).
3. Do you not go online and check how poorly the cedi is performing?
4. Do you now buy fruit juice at gh2?
Don’t be over hypocrite bro, today you’re here telling us you don’t follow political parties BUT individuals.
Without saying much, I hail you for being consistent on the other side of business and achieving more at your age. Bless you..
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