11 year old boy who was set on fire by mob for allegedly spying on a woman in bathroom needs public support to survive.

Wegossipgh find this post by a Journalist in Bolga very touching and decided to repost it to help reach more people. The Journalist, who goes by the name Albert Azongo published on his Facebook handle about how a young boy off 11 years was set on fire two years ago by a neighbor for allegedly spying on her nakedness whiles she took her bath.


This is Ayinbiha Abelinkiira, the11-year-old boy who was doused with petrol and set on fire for allegedly spying on a naked woman in a bathroom in Zuarungu in the upper east region.

This happened about two years ago. The onlooker who visited the dastardly act on this boy was arrested.

It is sad to note that Ayinbiha now roams on the streets of Bolga and is mostly seen around the main lorry station begging for money.

He looks unkept in his bandaged body, scruffy and pale.

I asked him why he is on the streets, he tells me his parents travelled to Kumasi to work and so he was moved to live with an Aunty who is most often not at home to give him food. That’s why he has resorted to begging. That explanation wasn’t convincing to me though.

I asked if his parents are aware he is begging on the streets, he says no.

From his narration, he hasn’t heard from his parents nor seen them in a very long time. That’s curious.

What’s important is, this boy should be taken off the streets. He doesn’t need to be given money but to be confined and given better health and psychological care.

Hope we find help for Ayinbiha.

Wegossipgh.com understands his burns have not healed for the past two years now and is wearying.

We plead on the general public to share this info till the gender ministry come to his rescue.

Pics below

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