Photos: 10years challenge, God has been good or we just lacked filters and good cameras? Lol



Well, wegossipgh has gathered some few pictures from the current social media trends which was started by our celebrities.. they call it “10years challenge”. This challenge is set for one to grid his/her 10years old pic plus a current one and upload it on social media for review.

Lol trust I had a nightmare lastnight as all I could dream was seeing dark skin people turning to white people within ten years.. the magic and humor tho, well that aside, what seems to trigger me to put out this article is the magic our current  filter apps  are performing.. I mean the transformation angle of individuals is just overwhelming and tugging.

So I ask, 10years challenge, is it by the grace of God or just the power of filters and cameras?

Lol don’t come and insult person oooo, am have headache.


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