Drinking Beer Is Actually Very Healthy

n this article, we’re going to tell you some facts about the benefits beer can offer you. It’s amazing for your health, so take a good look at these!

1. Beer increases bone density

According to some studies, beer contains an increased silicon content. This increases the bone density and also helps you connect the muscle and bone tissue. Dark beer is especially high in silicone because of the hops. If you drink it moderately, it will help you prevent osteoporosis.

2. Beer lowers the risk of heart attack

Almost over 100 studies performed by the prestigious Harvard University connect the decrease of risk from heart attack by 25 or 40% with the moderate consumption of beer.

3. Beer lowers your cholesterol level

Beer is a drink which increases the HDL or good cholesterol in your body. Only 2 glasses of beer a day can help you with the levels of cholesterol!

4. Beer decreases your risk of getting diabetes

There are also some studies which discover the connection of type 2 diabetes and moderate consumption of beer. People who drank 1-4 10 oz of beer a day managed to decrease the risk of acquiring diabetes.

5. Beer can prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones are an extremely painful issue. If you drink a bottle of beer every day, you’ll decrease the possibility of acquiring kidney stones in 40%!

6. Beer protects from dementia

Yu may think this connection is crazy, but it’s true! The moderate consumption of beer can help you fight oxidative stress which is one of the main causes for the appearance of dementia especially in old age.

Beer is a drink that makes many people happy, but now we can also prove that it makes us healthier! Cheers to many more researches! Drink more beer!

Take a look at this video that will discover you even more reasons why drinking beer moderately is very healthy!

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