Mr. Francis Writes: Is Sarkodie a fearoooo or a hypocrite – seeking for presidential clarifications before releasing an advocacy song needless


Good day fam, if only you’ve been following me on facebook @Mr. Francis you would’ve noticed how I recently predicted how relaxed and comfortable rapper Sarkodie has played at the current government with all the stuffs that are going on in this country.

Remember in the years 2014 – 2015 respectively, Sarkodie was always on the nerves of former president john Dramani Mahama for not putting the economy on the right subway. The rapper released not less than three solid and powerful tracks which content really carried a message that sort to addressing our economic cancer by then. Songs like Inflation part 1 and 2 played a very good role in criticizing the then government on how the ordinary Ghanaian was going through hardship.

Next to inflation, he dropped yet another explosive dubbed “The masses” which did not only address issues bordering the nation but also carried a message that set to whip the presidency by then. Ok, so with all this encounter with the past administration which we all believe made some impact on the economy, I ask myself these two questions on a daily; is Sarkodie in the country? has he already gone blind on the current happenings on our economy? …. Oh then I answer myself, perhaps things are going on very well for him, hence the blindness and silence.


Well, miraculously, he made a very questionable and disappointed tweet on his handle spelling out how he wish to meet the president for a decisive idea about the economy (whether it got future plans or not) before he embark on the continuation of his “inflation and the masses” advocacy. Sad enough, he didn’t realize how hypocritical that sound in the first place, question is, did you make any consultations into the previous government before moving on to criticize them? Are you doing it for the ordinary Ghanaian and voiceless people at a whole or you doing it on favoritism?

King Sarkodie, I put it to you that you’re either a hypocrite or just a fearoo who goes in to consult before picking a decision. First of, you must look at the situations at hand and on grounds dish out your lyrics but not to go consult as to whether the president has long term plans for us… what do you think the president would tell you should you be granted the request to meet with him. Don’t let it look like you are supporting one side and bashing the other, be the man we all know you to be, go in and strike harder, fortunately, you have the numbers and at least using your blessings to draw government attention about the bad nature of the economy is a step already made to help the voiceless and furious youth. Step up on your game bro, don’t let that tag of hypocrisy get mend on you.

Am out, Bless up… Mr. Francis


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Mr. Francis

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