Mr. Francis Writes: Linking Railways across the Regions Of Ghana is the only way to Cut down Mass Unemployment. Letter to the Presidency

Come to think of this;
Government (The politician) don’t care about us or better still, they’ve done nothing to fight unemployment.
Over the years, not a single politician has showed effort of linking an ultra modern Railway between the north and the south.

I have a good friend in the Netherlands who travels in and out to Germany by train at a very cheaper cost and time. Research reveals how trains are the fastest means of transportation and less expensive. Apparently, when government stops investing monies and our resources on unproductive stuffs and pay attention to the mass youth unemployment situation, the only way forward is to invest in railways to cut down this cancer of unemployment.

Do you wanna know why?
Well, let me give you a scenario where some unemployed guys in Kumasi happens to secure a low pay but life worth living job in the cities of Accra but turns it down due to lack accommodation and unable to afford the living standard in Accra… Now, he/she continues to be unemployed hence hardship. But with a situation where our railways are linked and connected to each regions in Ghana, I trust a situation like that sort would be minimized and sorted.. Someone from Kumasi can still work in Accra living from Kumasi and Someone from Takoradi could work in Kumasi living peacefully in Taadi… Same applied to Someone from Bolga and Wa working in Tamale or Techiman with a in and out train transit.

Someone would ask how possible?

Well, with train is much easier than you thought…. looking at the distance in which it travels per hour. With my little knowledge about train, I can boldly say a train would take just 48mins to journey from Accra to Cape coast, 1.40min to Kumasi and about 4hours to the north. The implementation of railways is not just going to cut down unemployment situations, it would much improve the day to day trade and businesses, hence a better living condition for Ghanaians.


With little been said, I plead our policy and lawmakers to take a second look at our railways sector and improve it to cut down the sickening youth unemployment situation in the country.
My name is Francis….

Stay tuned for more

Mr. Francis

Hello I'm Francis, CEO Of Wegossipgh Inc. I believe in writing to cure the broken hearts, Oh yeah.. i know how it feels to be down. Stay in touch daily for all the best of Gossips

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