Licking Her During S*x Makes You Immune to Cancer and Other Diseases – Science Report

Consuming intimate fluids brings you benefits, finally a pleasant treatment.
Undoubtedly, there are issues that remain taboo today, especially when it comes to something related to sexuality, since people – at least most – feel uncomfortable when dealing with issues of this style.

When it comes to issues such as positions, tastes and preferences there may not be as much resentment in sharing opinions, but something that does happen is when it comes to oral sex, since it is not accepted as a common practice in general.

However, there are people who do share openly who enjoy doing or who perform this type of act. But, the fact is what this can cause us, that although nobody imagines it, it can provide us with many benefits.

The benefits that vaginal fluid gives you in your body.

Consumir Fluidos

In recent days we have known the results of research conducted by scientists at the University St. Austin, which points out the benefits that the body gets to consume vaginal fluids.

In the results it is indicated that this liquid that leaves the female intimate zone has high protein levels that are conserved up to ten minutes after the flow is out of the vagina.

Specifically, it was pointed out that the vaginal fluid is rich in vitamins C1, C2, C4, VC, among others, as well as it contains sodium and a large amount of proteins. So, it has been said that the benefits of using vaginal fluids are the following:

Improves the skin, eliminates acne.
It helps in the prevention of cancer, specifically the prostate cancer.
It benefits the digestive process.
Avoid constipation
Strengthens bones and also teeth.
Improves kidney function.
Without a doubt, there are many benefits that have to be taken into account, in some way this is a support to defend this type of action before people who still question this as an impure act or something like that.

Consumir Fluidos

It is believed that no matter how much time passes, the women and the pleasure that they can get is not going to be valued as perhaps in other cultures they would do with the men’s, but it does not matter because here we will show them that we are all equal and that we have to enjoy with our partner.

If you still have any doubt about why to consume sexual fluids, here we leave you a video explaining it:

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