The Sugar Mummy Connection. Dead Or Alive?

Ever wondered how life could be like if you have that special someone who would always carter for you as and when you want as a young man, No matter the day, time nor hour? Have you thought about it for a second? She calls all the time to check up on you to see how you are faring, provides money for school, transport, business engagements, nice clothes to wear, a fancy car and most importantly a big mansion in your own preference and designs. All these not coming from your own pocket but from the purse of one rich grown woman who maybe too old to be your mother. But who cares as long as you provide her with the level of satisfaction she deserves when it comes to the bed room show activities. You know what I mean.

Back in the years between 2013 – 2015 according to a statistical report, the sugar mummy canker was on the rise during those times and even more as at the beginning of the year 2016 until things changed. One may not be able to tell what caused the sudden drop of this canker that almost caused the lives of many young men. It has brought happiness to majority of young men out there who are into this practice but it has also taken sides to affect their lives in a certain negative way. Let’s take a look at this scenario.

One rich business woman by the name Rebecca, A guru in her field a business, 54 years of age with two children. Her company “Rebecca textiles” imports clothes from abroad preferably from Germany, Netherlands, America etc. Quality clothes to be precise. Unfortunately, Madam Rebecca is a widow. She lost her husband two years ago in a car accident. Properties left in her name were a fully furnished mansion, A car company that her husband used to run and a whooping one million dollars. Of course, she is Rich. She isn’t planning to get married anytime soon but she is desperately in need of a one-night stand or even more a two-nights stand.

Rebecca is worried. For three years now, she hasn’t been put to bed by any man even her husband when he was alive. He complained of tiredness during those nights when Madam Rebecca wanted him to perform an action, He was a traveller as well moving from one region to the another on business tours. He barely had time for his wife Rebecca. Rebecca called him a bitch, steadily from the fact that he couldn’t perform his manly duties as a husband!!

On one of these days in her office, A young man by name Kwaku enters. Kwaku is tall, He has the masculine physique, A gentleman neatly dressed, small eye balls, a pointed nose, fully grown beard neatly cut to the edges, fair skin and all that there is for you to look and say “That is a handsome young man”. He is a gym instructor and spends of his time working out and reading. 28 years of age he could be the perfect guy for Madam Rebecca.

He has come to search for a part time job at the company. He did not make much money as a gym instructor, He needed find another job and secure some funds provided it could aid pay his bills in time. His land lord was on his neck immediately the month was due requesting for a part or full payment of the house rent. Kwaku had to find another job.

Madam Rebecca got stunned by his handsomeness, and already began to show interest in Kwaku. She immediately offered him a job as a driver. Not just any driver but her personal driver. Kwaku was shocked at the sudden announcement but he had choice but to accept. He now had to schedule his time between working out and driving the madam around. Seducing Kwaku and get him to fulfil her bedroom desire was her Plan. Did it work? Continue reading.

On his first day at task something strange happened. Want to know? So Kwaku had just finished parking the car and was waiting for the madam to come out. He had already planned out the journey.

Looking through the drive screen Kwaku with his mouth opened became overly shocked as to what Madam Rebecca was wearing. On that sunny Friday, she was prepared to seduce him with her nearly-naked dress. Kwaku couldn’t take his eyes off. Was he also into it? Let’s find out. As madam Rebecca walks to open the door, Kwaku had already imagine having extra hours of bed room fun with her. “Awesome Feeling”- Said Kwaku to himself.

She suddenly grabs Kwaku from behind and tries to kiss him, He at that moment pretended not to enjoy the ordeal but he gave in after realizing he had feelings for her as well. After so many rounds of kiss, He gets out of the car, Opens the side door of her newly found and draws her out of the car. He raises her up and send her to the bed room.

In just about a month Rebecca promoted Kwaku as the new manager, someone may have been working harder enough. LOL. Kwaku gets a new car and a fully furnished house bought for him by Rebecca. Life gets better for Kwaku, He no longer has to worry about paying his rents nor being a gym instructor. His routine changed, He spends less time at the company, gets back home to turn on the Television and watch the entertainment news segment. The only job he could ever do as at now is the “Bed Room Activities”.

Based on this scenario one could realize that life became better for both Kwaku and Madam Rebecca as the duo were mixed up in receiving satisfaction from each other. Which brings us to the canker, Is the sugar mummy connection dead? Majority would say “No” and that is the fact. There is no end to this, especially when majority of the young men out there can’t find jobs to do even when they have graduated from reputable universities. Their best yet futile option is to embark on a hunt like this provided it could secure them funds, house, fancy cars and happiness – Who cares?

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