Mr. Francis Writes: Why Propose Marriage To A SlayQueen In Public, Knowing She’s Definitely Not Ready To Settle Her A$$ Down – Watch How A Guy Was Embarrassed at The Mall By Girlfriend

On many occasions, we’ve witnessed how ladies rejects proposals from their boyfriends in public. I sometimes wonder what really inspire guys of today to engage in such embarrassing adventure.

Men must note that women are very unpredictable when it come to issue of the heart… insecurity and dishonesty is the game of today’s relationships, hence the courage men gathers to propose to their partners in public is aimless and very risky. Well, some plan it before public (They are safe) just to have publicity and attention. Some ignorantly try to look more romantic by proposing in public only to be disappointed and embarrassed.

Guys; before you go ahead to seek for publicity by proposing to her in public, make sure you know much about your woman.. by that, I mean.. you should be much sure about her reactions to your masked plans for her. When dating, you should be able to predict the capabilities and craziness of your partner.. Note these:

  • Does she really love me
  • Is she seeing only me at the moment?
  • Is she ready to settle down/ with me?
  • Would she be happy when i propose to her in public?

You must know her much better than your boxers before embarking on any decision that might jeopardize your reputation and heart forever as far as women are concerned.

She might be comfortable with you in the relation for a reason but never ready to settle down with you for the future.. always remember not all relationships are meant to last forever and don’t play yourself. Some women have decide to hang around as slyqueens so they get the chance and freedom to slay around.. putting a marriage proposal right in their face in public would sound silly to them.. and trust me, you don’t wanna know their true colors at that instance.



To be continued…

Mr. Francis


Mr. Francis

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