Mr. Francis Writes: Zylofon Media, A Big Disappointment To Young Talents (Misplaced Priorities)

First of all, I know some will say “They’re here for Business and have the choice in doing what they feel is lucrative”
But, like seriously I thought Zylofon media was kinda studying the system before embarking on the signing and grooming of underground artist to their label.

It’s a shame they only came in to deal with A list artist who by chance are well to do without their support… Well, I will not consider them as a powerful label of the nation because they’ve done nothing miraculous.. By miraculous, I mean bringing out underground talents to mainstream.

They appeared into the music and creative art industry making it look like they were saviors of this sinking industry.. But it turns out they only came to achieve their own parochial interest… Yes, they introduced zylofon cash or whatever to the poor underground talents who can’t even afford a professional record… to purchase their cards at a higher cost, only to earn some pesewas with impressions.

‘Zylofon cash” is never the saviors we expected from them… Nana Appiah Mensah (CEO) and his employees made in look like they were going to bring out the best in the poor as far as talents are concerned.

On this note, I’d recommend them to give some little focus to our young talents out there and remember their signed A list artist are almost fading away in the system… Sooner, Ghanaian music lovers would pay attention to something new .. and by that, I mean talents that does it even better than the A list artist on their label.

Don’t relax and watch young managers groom talents only to be poked into Zylofon media when you realize they’re in limelight.
Take action, bold up and sign newbies… Nurture talents for a better returns and support to the helpless talents.

Yours concerned Entertainment pundit
Mr. Francis

Mr. Francis

Hello I'm Francis, CEO Of Wegossipgh Inc. I believe in writing to cure the broken hearts, Oh yeah.. i know how it feels to be down. Stay in touch daily for all the best of Gossips

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