Loveawake Survival Guide: Running Into Your Ex

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Bad break-up? Who hasn’t been there? If you’re lucky enough not to share mutual friends, then once the bitchy comments and yelling matches have ceased, you and your ex can eventually fade from each others thoughts. However, for those of us who share common friends, common hang out places, and worst of all the same small town, our friends at Loveawake dating site provided some necessary survival tips of dealing with that one person you constantly dread to see.

First things first…do not overreact upon spotting them in the crowd. In fact, don’t even acknowledge them unless you’re hanging out with the same group of people.  While your relationship may have ended upon a bad note for both of you, you owe it to yourself to be the bigger person and to show those around you there is definitely no leftover feelings.  Go have some fun at the bar, club, coffee house, wherever you happen to be! Your ex is simply not your problem anymore!

Alright, now you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the worst case scenario from the previous situation?”; what happens if they spot you and attempt some sort of contact?  If they come up to you merely to say hello and possibly offer the slight inclination that they’re doing alright after your relationship, then as previously stated, “man up” and be the bigger person. Being cordial and polite will not kill you. If you ignore your ex and walk away from their hello, then they’re going to assume your either an ass or you’re still interested.

So let’s say they decide to come up to you and wage an all out war.  We all know that any attempt to calm them down wherever you are is only going to end badly for both of you, so if you’re 100% sure you don’t want to preserve any friendship you could pretend you don’t know them and have them be kicked out of the bar.  This kills two birds with one stone.  You not only stick it to them but you also get to party the rest of the night without them breathing down your neck.  Of course you can avoid playing games and simply walk away or take things outside to avoid creating any sort of scene.

Now if you do end up in a conversation with them, remember some guidelines of maintaining a friendship with the opposite sex. While you used to be close with your ex, there is a real reason you two broke up, which means there are some lines you just can’t cross anymore.  For example, no matter how much you are trying to comfort your ex, never slip back into the comfort zone of a kiss and possibly unwanted make-up sex. That isn’t going to fix any of your problems. In fact, the only thing it’s going to cause is the destruction of any possible friendship you two may have been forming post-break up.

So what is the best survival tip of them all?  KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! If you don’t see them, you won’t have to worry about them.  Simple as that!

You can be cordial and you can even be a nice friend, but nothing replace the ease that separation brings to a breakup.

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