Mr. Francis Writes: After Hyping The Royal Wedding, What’s Next!! Royal Jollof?? Misplaced Priorities

On many occasions I’ve challenge my couleuges and people of Ghana to stop hyping and prioritizing unnecessary stuffs. And by this, i mean stuffs that wouldn’t put food or money in our pockets nor moral value.

We sit in Ghana and talk about everything that pops out in the media.. we never for once weight it’s value but jump to prioritizing it, leaving important stuffs unattended… I mostly refer to this uncouth attitude as ” Misplaced Priorities”. Hardly will you see friends from neighboring countries Hyping every sh*t trends…. We really need to slideout from this bad attention seeking attitude if we truly want to develop as a nation and invest some high IQ in the generation to come..
“Go ask Prince Harry if he’s ever heard the name Ghana before and trust me, his answer is gonna be BIG NO” yet we boycott important commercials on our TV stations just to give his Royal wedding a live feed on screens.
This is not what Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and our fore fathers toiled and sacrificed their lives for… I’m much sure their souls are not cheerful watching us worship every trend being it important or not..
I’m Francis, a blogger and entrepreneur who advocates for freedom of the youth in all sectors of the economy and would plead with the youth to prioritize on getting income for startups business and stop following all this null and empty trends.

Mr. Francis

Hello I'm Francis, CEO Of Wegossipgh Inc. I believe in writing to cure the broken hearts, Oh yeah.. i know how it feels to be down. Stay in touch daily for all the best of Gossips

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