BEWARE GUYS : Girls Tricks.

REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY: Girls normally try to play smart by giving you a certain scenario of a situation they are about to get into, just so they will see your reaction… they could be like , “Hunny i was watching this movie, the girl mistakenly got drunk and had sex with her bestie.. the boyfriend found out and he still loved her. aww what a true love movie”  .. Don’t be fooled bruh, she is trying to let you know when she has sex with another nigga, still stick with her.  always read through the lines and watch who you give your heart to.

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ATTENTION SEEKERS;  Any Girl who seeks attention on the media will probably give herself to any nigga that gives her attention, watch who she always ask you about whether you know them or not .. one day at a time she will send nudes to them and perhaps have sex with them .

ALWAYS MAKING CALLS:  If your girl is always making calls when you call, forget about the lies she will tell you that, she was on phone with her female friend, 90% of the time, it is the next nigga .. girls normally wouldn’t waste time to talk on the phone with female friends.

PAY ATTENTION TO VIBES; if she is a slut , she can’t hide it for so long, a slut today is a slut tomorrow… all of a sudden she goes off and wants to sleep, probably the next nigga told her to.. never give your heart to a girl who flirts with everyone on the net as well .;

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