Ewe And Northern Girls Are The Most Beautiful In Ghana, Ga & Ashanti Girls Are Competing For Last Position. – Blogger Boakye Wenger

When it comes to women who stands out as far as beauty and moral culture value is concerned, then you can count on African women and precisely Ghanaian women. 

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In many cases, we witness people troop in from the diaspora and neighboring countries just to have a taste of our well cultured and gorgeous women. That aside, even in Ghana, men have been able to gather genuine stats on which tribes or regions in Ghana actually have the best of pretty women. 

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With this, wegossipgh.com over the past did a critical and vigorous survey and arrived that, Ewe Women stands tall in beauty and sweetness followed by our sisters from the Northern part of Ghana thus; Northern region, Upper west and East.
Well, just on Friday, a well renowned Wegossipgh blogger by name Boakye Wenger made a spectacular Revelation on Facebook which saw as a meme but goes to certify our survey. 

According to him, Northern and Volta girls are prettier but unfortunately, the battle for the last position of beauty is now between the Ashanti’s and Ga’s. 

Check out post below…

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