Get Inspired by this Video -Word Spoken motivational Message By theMenSTRONG

He brands himself as theMenSTRONG and he is here to inspire you. His real name Kwame Abegya Andoh and hails from Breman Asikuma in the Central region of Ghana. Since childhood, His only dream and aspiration is to inspire and motivate people around him including the society he finds himself. He believes this form of art is a God-given talent and hopes to get his message across. 

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In this short video, He explains to us to be good, not just good but to be the best in whatever we do and wherever we may find ourselves. He continues to explain further how we could bring change to our communities and the country if we are able to do things at their best. 

He believes God-given talents are inborn. Yet though not so many people have been able to discover theirs, some have discovered theirs but have not been able to tap into it and that is the message he is trying to send across. When one is able to tap into his or her talent, everything you do becomes a success. Strive hard, be determined and live the rest to God are the words this young motivational speaker is trying to embrace you with.

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“If you become the best in everything you do, you serve as a role model to people around you.  People will begin to look up to you and even the world may look up to you. BE THE BEST” – Kwame Abegya Andoh (TheMenSTRONG) 


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