Courtois Opens His Legs More Than Ashawo As Chelsea Got Raped By Barca


 Before the game a lot of fans believed their team would win, Chelsea bluffed the most talking about all the records , they believed their team had all it takes to win Barca at Camp Nou not knowing their Goal Keeper Courtois will be wearing Skirt that day, he opens his legs faster than An Ashawo woman working In Adum-kumasi.

It took Messi Less than 5 minutes to score his first goal against the man in Skirt, after the game Courtois Said “he didn’t expect Messi to score from that angle” ,  How would a man in skirt expect anything?




Now Barcelona fans have one over the Chelsea fans,they have the bragging rights now. You can’t talk much after you get raped 3 nil.


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