Best 5 Reasons Why Most Ghanaian Men Love Ladies With Big Booty

Big booty

Ghanaian men love women with large booty for various reasons this came up
after we conducted a survey with some of them in different places.  However, the reasons may vary from man to man depending on
their choices and preferences. It’s never the same for men. Have a look
at the reasons.

1. They are Attractive
Some men love big butts and b**bs because it makes them attractive.
Is like viewing a car, the size means a lot to men, the bigger the hips
the more attractive the woman is. The way you dress is also a matter of
concern as men feel voluptuous women look more attractive in dresses
than their counterparts.

2.They are Enticing
According to some men big butts and boobs are enticing and excites
them whenever they see it. The men want to have a feel of what the butt
and boobs carry within.

3.Soft And Cushioned

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Some Ghanaian men actually like big butts and b00bs due to their
texture. According to them it’s soft and feels like cushion when you lie
on top. Every man loves to be dolled, remember. This is just one of the
ways to doll them.

4.They are S3xy
One of the reasons why some men actually love big butts and b00bs is
because it’s s3xy. Every man wants to walk around with a woman who has
assets with them. No one wants to walk with a fellow man in a woman’s
skin…if you know what I mean.

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5. They are Fertile
This might come as a surprise but you will be shocked to know that,
one of the reasons why many men especially Ghanaian men love big butts is
because they believe women with big butts or wider hips are more fertile
than their slim counterparts.

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