Stonebwoy VS Shatta Wale – Youtube Views Stats 2017

When it comes to Ghana music, these dancehall acts trends a lot due to their hardwork and hustle from day one. They’ve all been through super success over the years as far as music and fan base is concerned. took a ride to youtube on their respective channels for 2017 views stats. Note: this is just to let the public know how youtube works and not for any reason.

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below are the stats for both artist based on their video uploads on youtube 2017.

Stonbwoy’s music video views on YouTube(2017)

1. Migraine – 131k
2. Hero – 499k
3. Come from afar – 858k
4. My name – 707k
5. Hold on You – 233k
6. Say it ft *DERMACO* – 270k
7. Enku Lenu – 1m
8. One thing – 1.5m
9. Falling again – 236k
Total: 4,935,000 million views


 Shatta Wale’s music video views on YouTube(2017)

1. Dem confuse – 925k
2. Hossana – 2.8m
3. Taking over – 6.3m
4. Forgetti – 2.2m
5. Bumper – 2.8m
6. Waitti – 1.4m
7. Low tempo – 2.3m
8. Ayoo – 4.2m
9. Star bwoi – 424k
Total: 23,349,000 million views

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