Evidently, most churches are filled up with single girls praying and fasting for a husband , but hey.. do they really need prayers in everything? NOPE…. Work on yourselves first. Check out some of the common problems associated with church girls;

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Boy : Babe watsup?
Girl : Pliz my name is Grace not Babe
Boy : OK Grace how are you ?
Girl : The Lord is my strength ..
Boy : OK, What are you doing now?
Girl : am cooking
Boy : aww, should I come and help you?
Girl : I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me
Boy : hmmm OK ooo. At least I will come after you have finished cooking the food so u will serve me..
Girl : pliz.., I only serve the living God and not human beings.
Boy : OK sister Grace what are u wearing now?
Girl : am wearing the full armour of Christ…
Boy : Honestly looking forward hold your hands one of this days
Girl : Touch not my anointed says the Lord
Boy : when will I see you?
Girl : Only those that are saved will see the Lord!
Boy : Alright, I give up…
Girl : God will never give up on you, so never you give up too!
Boy : What can I get for you on your birthday?
Girl : The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…

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