Do Not Buy Her Val’s Gift If She Has Vaginal Odor

As human, your private part speaks a lot about you, and people around you may judge you based on how you appear. 

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It cripples our hearts as guys when we meet a partner who happens to have Vaginal Odor. Scientists have proven that, most Vaginal odor are due to improper cleaning or good hygiene. It’s sad to declare that, about 46% of young ladies out have vaginal odor which worries a lot and even causes  several relationship breakups every quarter.
Imagine you meet this pretty cute girl, fall in love with her and only to discover your room turns to unpleasant perfume after sex… It’s very embarrassing my dear lovely ladies.. 

 The Question is, Why force your guy to buy you expensive gifts when you should be convincing him to use that money to see a gynecologist help kick that problems of yours.
Note; No sensible guy would actually love to be with you for long as far as you have this problem of vaginal odor.

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I have this good friend of mine who broke up with his serious fiance due to vaginal odor, for once I said to myself, “How, why, when this could’ve been solved”
They never seek or consulted a gynecologist for help, I don’t blame the guy on this but the lady… A lady who value her relationship would’ve gone extra miles to find solutions for her predicaments. Unfortunately, she was the shopping gbee type…. Today is west hills, the next day is Achimota mall, spending money on funny stuffs that could’ve been used to treat her odor for a much sustainable relationship… Only heavens knows how her next relationship is going to last.

Dear lovely ladies with all due respect, I’d plead with you use special days like this to open up your problems of this nature to your guys and stop the expensive outing and gifts… Place some value on your dignity and relationship than mere freebies. 

Thanks for reading…..
Happy Valentine to ya’ll 

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