I Have Made A Lot Of Money From Farming, I Advise Ghanaian Youths To Go Into Farming — John Dumelo

As indicated by John Dumelo, his couple of years of wandering into cultivating has returned benefits and in this manner anticipate that Ghanaian adolescents will completely take part in cultivating.

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He included that cultivating pays a considerable measure however individuals have not given it a qualm particularly the young people.

John Dumelo said this at the National Buffer stock program to encourage free SHS understudies held at the premises of Accra Girls Senior High School.

He stated:

“Toward the day’s end, we need to eat what we develop. Furthermore, we likewise need to help nearby utilization. Also, that is the thing I am focusing on. We ought to urge the young to get into cultivating. Cultivating is tolerance however there is a ton of cash in cultivating. In the event that you take a gander at goat meat for instance, in Ghana, each and every day, you have around 500 or 600 goats being killed. So in the event that you go into goat cultivating and you are notwithstanding killing only 10 goats per day, that is cash for you. That is cash in your pocket.”

John Dumelo proceeded by saying, “Presently, I’m into maize cultivating. I’m into snail cultivating. I’m into watermelon and pepper. So I need to manage the sort of level where individuals would have the capacity to come and purchase from us. I mean it’s miserable when you take a gander at specific things in the nation when you have individuals bringing in pork meat, chicken, such a significant number of these things that we can deliver in Ghana and it’s awful”.

John Dumelo reasoned that he would now be able to gloat of a three-section of land cassava cultivate in the Manya Krobo people group in the Eastern Region and has plans of growing t0 10 sections of land soon.

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