“Fuse Can’t Sack Killbeatz, Killbeatz Made Fuse” — Killbeatz Responds

The management of Killbeatz has responded harshly to reports that Fuse
ODG has sacked the elite music producer from his house for engaging in
some bad things, saying ‘Fuse can’t sack Killbeatz’.

According to Jeffery Addo, a member of the management team of the
beat maker, Killbeatz made Fuse into who he is and there is no way he
can sack him.
Reports emerged on Monday that the ‘Antenna’ hitmaker had sacked the
music producer from his house, but Addo said that’s not what happened.

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 “I hear people saying Fuse has driven Killbeatz out of the house which
is not true. The issue about the blood is also not what people are
thinking. Killbeatz hasn’t been sacked. It’s just a little
misunderstanding they had and Killbeatz decided to leave the house. It
can’t happen. Fuse can’t sack Killbeatz. Killbeatz made Fuse. Fuse has
no right to say that he’s sacked Killbeatz from the house. I’m very
disappointed in Fuse because he made this issue come out…,” Jeffery said
on Zylofon Fm in response to the reports.

He also explained that what Fuse saw with blood in the house was simply a misunderstanding.
“A Muslim friend was invited over to do the slaughtering of the ram.
And you know Muslims, before you slaughter an animal, you have to dig a
hole to pour the blood in. It was just a normal slaughtering of a ram
for a barbecue. It’s not like anybody brought a juju man to the house.
We are confused as to how this issue is going. If Fuse is claiming that
he is taking Africa to the world, then he should learn our culture,” he

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“Somebody in the house took a picture and sent to him [Fuse ODG]
trying to frame up a story that we are doing rituals in the house. I
believe the person has his own agenda.”

As we reported Monday, Fuse threw Killbeatz out of his house because “he is in the habit of smoking, drinking, hanging out and banging of different kinds of ladies in Fuse ODG’s house.”
The report added that he “was finally caught and thrown out when a
close associate of Fuse revealed what Killbeatz has been doing in his

“Fuse ODG who wanted a concrete evidence went to the house
unannounced, lo and behold saw exactly what was narrated to him. What
infuriated him was a pot, filled with blood in one of the rooms and his
private room as well.”

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