Lady Promises Man forty night of s*x In Return For Iphone 8 Plus – screenshots

Materialistic ladies  in recent times are overly obsessed with  the latest technology especially mobile phones to the extent that they are willing to be laid continuously for weeks in return for their desires.

Such is the case of an unnamed lady who in snapshots of a  whatsapp chat with a man, was willing to be laid as many times as the man wanted on condition he is willing to purchase him an Iphone8 Plus.
From the conversation, it is obvious the lady at the centre of the controversy is dating but willing to go at all lengths in the name of the mobile phone which is being adored.

The guy says in the chats, that he wants a threesome with her and her friend, but because she’s the only one to get the benefit from the rendezvous, she opts out that the guy gets down on her as many times as he wants.

Their chats below:


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