Nollywood Movies Have Been Dumped For Telenovelas- Patience Ozokwor Cries

Patience Ozokwor

emergence of telenovelas in recent times which appears to be receiving a
high patronage to the neglect of the local movie industry appears not
to be peculiar to Ghana alone.

movie industry has also been hit by this sad development as renowned
Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor is appealing to regulators to find
ways of curbing the situation before it hits the roof.
to her, Nollywood is retrogressing because local content has been
relegated to the background in view of the upsurge in the patronage of
these telenovelas.
During a
seminar at Precious Seed Chapel in Tema-Ghana, the Veteran Nollywood
actress bemoaned the rejection of local movies by the populace who tend
to embrace these foreign drama series.
‘‘We have
the same problem with Zee World and Telemundo. It’s really eating into
the industry…what it means is that we are facing challenges and so now,
we need to do something that will make our people come back to us. You
can’t force them because it’s a market; everybody goes for what they
want. We need to also find out why they have thrown our own away,’’ she
thing I have personally observed is that these telenovelas are telling
serial stories. If you watch it, you would want to watch the next
episode so people are usually eager to watch what will eventually happen
to this character. So if that’s what people want, we start doing it for
them. We need to tell serious-minded stories…they (telenovela
characters) don’t act well. Their costuming is even wrong. What they
criticize us for is exactly what they are doing.
‘So why
are people dropping us and watching what they are criticizing? For
example, you can see someone who goes to bed fully made up and in a
flashy dress and wakes up and still runs around with that. It makes me
wonder why people are not talking about that. That means people are not
watching those things; they are actually only interested in the
story-line,’ she indicated.


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