You Won’t Believe Who Maame Serwaah Is Dating

maame serwa

Child actress as she loves to be addressed, Maame Serwaa has been
tagged with Awal Mohammed of ‘Talented Kids’ fame and the two have been
alleged to be a love item.

Though neither of them has come out to confirm or rubbish this claim,
they have been rumoured to be in a secret relationship and has been
keeping it low key from the media.

Maame Serwaah has on several platforms confirmed to being in a
relationship with someone but has never mentioned who that lucky guy is.

According to Ghana Web, the two spend most of the weekends together
in Kumasi and Awal is almost always seen riding in Maame Serwaah’s car.

If all that we are reading is anything to go by, then we can say love
is been in their pots. For now, we are sticking with this until we have
a confirmation from either of them.


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