What Is Wrong If I’m Dating Criss Waddle? – Yvonne Okoro Burst Out

Months  ago, Criss Waddle disclosed in an interview how he felt about Yvonne Okoro and the fact that they had been friends for two years.

He even composed a song, ‘Letter To Yvonne Okoro’ fueling speculations that the two were more than friends.

The rapper later explained in an interview that, “When I had the
opportunity to be her friend for two years, I realised she was a good
person and at some point in time, I think I did some things that were
wrong and I see nothing wrong with me coming out to write a song saying
I’m sorry. That was special to me. She was a special friend to me.”

Yvonne Okoro reacting to the rumours quizzed critics if Criss Waddle is not man enough for her to date.
“Is Criss Waddle an animal? Is he not a man? Is he not a human being?
What is wrong if I’m dating Criss Waddle or I dated Criss Waddle? What
is wrong if I’m with Criss Waddle? What if he makes me happy?”

The ‘Ghana Must Go’ movie producer, who was on the Delay show last
Saturday, stated categorically that Criss Waddle had never proposed to
her directly hence they had never dated before though she had heard him
on some media platforms admitting that he admires her.
She further added that though Criss Waddle had written a song about her, he was not the first artiste to do so.

“He’s not the first person to write a song about me. Sarkodie has
written timeless songs about me. We are ok with it because we think or
believe Sarkodie has shown his girlfriend.”

The actress, who also doubles as businesswoman, explained how she got to hear of the song ‘Letter To Yvonne Okoro’.
“He was never on my WhatsApp so he sent it to my friend. My friend
sent me the song [and asked] how do I feel about it and that’s when I
said ok let me speak to him”.
Yvonne Chinyere Okoro produced two movies- ‘Ghana must go’ and ‘Contract’ -and starred in ‘4 Play’, ‘Potomanto’ and ‘Rebecca’.


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