Why Women Like Bigger, Thicker & Larger Bananas

 When it comes to Dick
size, erase all the things girls say openly when questioned – BABES
ENJOY BIG PENISES! Accept this reality!

Not only Big Penis, Ladies Enjoy It a lot when their men screw deep into
the The Vagina, Its even better when the Man Can last up to 25 min in

When it comes to Lasting long in bed and Penis size, pay no attention to
what chicks say in the open – ladies like it large. Every chick wants a
dude that is awash with self assurance and whose sexual stamina and
prowess is enough to make them forget things like dildos, cucumbers,
carrots, rings, and all those sex play things that chicks use to
compensate for their boyfriend’s sexual inadequacy.

The main reason why Ghanaian women love large Penis (especially those
who have had lovers that are well endowed) has to do with the structure
of the Vagina. There are pleasure centers that are located deep into the
Vagina and around the walls of the Vagina. A small or average Penis is
not capable of stimulating all these pleasure centers and these usually
results in a woman not being fully satisfied. But a big Penis is able to
explore deep into a woman’s vagina give her that lovely feeling of both
deep penetration and being completely “full”.

Do you really think women don’t talk about Pen.!s size? Let’s be
real, how many times have you discussed with your friends about a
woman’s buttocks and breast? If you do that a lot, then you should
expect that women also talk about men’s body parts including the Penis!

no attention to what they say to you – babes enjoy it better when it’s
large. They desire a guy overflowing with self confidence, and whose
sexual powers will make them forget that dildos, cucumber, Vibrators,
sever existed. It’s true.

As a matter of fact, going by new
sex surveys, females like bigger Penis more than guys love larger
breast. I’m aware, I could not believe it either. Soft or erect, babes
do care a lot.

In a freshly released research, of all the
ladies who were anonymously interviewed the bulk of them felt that dudes
with bigger Penis were more Sexually secure than males with smaller
ones. And this surely translated into their performance when having
sexual intercourse.

Dick sizes that females do enjoy:

* Most Women desired a Pen.!s length from 7 to nine inches and answered that size to give adequate sexual pleasure.

The second runner up where babes that loved their sex partners to be
not less than eight inches long with a thickness between five and three
quarter to seven inches.

* The most interesting category
where those that rated the Penis size being very satisfying but not
ideal and the largest figure of these females voted for length from 7 – 9
inches and thickness from five and three quarter inches – 6 3/4 inches.

The HOT AREA was determined by the narrowest set but most replied for
in the study. In that grouping, they rated the best Pen.!s size to be
seven and quarter inches to eight and quarter inches, and thickness of 6
1/4 – 6 1/2 inches. There are no scientific studies that point to the
same conclusion like that of the survey undertaken by this condom
company did, but when a man takes into account the huge total of
females, and women attitude, this is most likely the conclusion; a thick
male sex organ with a massive circumference is what babes enjoy.

Are you concerned about the size of your manhood? Just like you ,
there are many guys that worry about the whole issue of penile size
and whether size matters to women or not.

I am sure you are
really anxious to know what women think about Penis size, what size they
consider as being perfect and how you can make your manhood bigger

Another thing that women also wish for is an increase in the staying
time of their lovers. The sad fact is that most guys can not last up to 5
minutes of thrusting without ejaculating. This is very frustrating and
unsatisfying for women.

Mr. Francis

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