My Thing is Sweet like Sugar, thats why Housefly was on it- Rashida Black Beauty

According to Rashida Black Beauty, the houseflies which were seen on her puna in her nude video was because her v*gina is too sweet.

Rashida released her n*de videos  and in the video, houseflies were seen on it.  She may not be far
from right since these insects are usually attracted to sweet things.
Often, I would hold myself from spending a single minute of my very
precious time on such stupidity but I can’t seem to sit back and watch
as Ghana has eventually become a country where stupidity is worshiped. 

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I mean, days after actress Christable Ekeh released photos on
Instagram, here we go with a certain Rashida Black Beauty who gained
some social media “prominence” among Ghanaians for raining abuses on an
ex boyfriend releasing a video of her fianga self.

I mean, why wouldn’t she release such a video and go about insulting
when many have glorified her with media houses also granting her
interviews when young productive entrepreneurs would not even be given a
minute of such precious airtime for interviews?

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