WAR!! “Joey B never wrote Vera” – D-Black


Ghanaian rapper and businessman
D-Black has vehemently denied rumors that fellow musician, Joey B wrote
the hit song Vera that catapulted both artistes careers.

This was in response to allegation made by musician Wanlov the Kubolor who made a public claim.
a one on one exclusive interview at Pulse studios the Vera hitmaker
said he held tremendous respect for Wanlov the Kubolor and would not
turn the situation into a catfight.

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“Wanlov in
my opinion he has some talent for me he is like a big brother, he went
to school with my older brother. Wanlov is like 10 years older than me
so I really don’t want to come down to that level and disrespect him in
any way. But I think he has some talent He’s a cool rapper he is not in
my top 10 but I mean he had fans and he makes his music and I feel like
he should pay attention to himself and do more for his career that all.”

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Regarding the rumor that Joey B wrote the hit song he said “Nobody
has written a song for me in my whole life nobody ever. There is no
person in this world that has written a song for me a rap for me ever in
my life. It won’t work. I won’t know how to deliver it. I wrote Vera in
South Africa because Reggie Rockstone dared me to write a song in
pidgin. We went to shoot a Glo commercial and I went with him 2012 or
2013 and at the time all my songs were written in English and that’s how
I know how to express myself the best if I try to rap in Twi it won’t
work. I don’t have a firm enough grasp over the language to be able to
make music… Reggie Rockstone was saying him starting music was also like
that but then when he came to Ghana he switched to Twi and that’s how
he took off his hiplife career so he was telling me to start making
music in Twi.”
He further disclosed that he
has known Reggie Rockstone since he was a 15 years old and consider him a
father since he owes much of his success to him challenging him to
write Vera.

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known Reggie since I was 15 years old so he is like a father to me so
he said he was giving me an assignment before he comes back from the
shoot I should write a song in pidgin and that’s when I wrote Vera.”
further gave a detailed account of how Joey B got onto the project
saying Joey B kept worrying him to feature on his song so when he heard
the Vera song he wanted to get featured. D-Black said he gave him a task
to kill his verse and he will sign him if he didn’t he won’t keep him
on the song neither will he sign him.
He obviously succeed and he signed the talent that is Joey B of today.

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