JOHN DUMELO, ‘I have bought a new car’ – Dumelo breaks silence on V8 saga

Actor John Dumelo has bought a new car after the government seized his V8.

actor said in an interview on Accra-based Joy FM that the vehicle is
not a government car because he bought it from someone whose name he did
not mention.
“I will never keep a
government car, first of all, I am not a government official so I will
never keep a government car. I bought the car from somebody, I bought
it. So at that point, I wouldn’t say it is a government car or not.”

said when National Security said his black V8 Toyota Land Cruiser with
registration number GE 8118-16 belonged to the State he asked them “to keep it. What is a car?”

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“After that happened I just bought a new car. The truth of the matter is that this car saga is something that just happened” he added.

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On the issue of mocking the Chief Executive Officer of A1 bread, he said he was only misrepresented by social media.
will I mock a bread seller? Social media just misrepresented the whole
thing. Why would I go and laugh at somebody who is selling bread on the
streets? They just twisted it. But at the end of the day, the guy had

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