Here’s What Sarkodie Told Kaywa About His ‘KROBO’ lyrics in ‘Jennifer Lomotey’

Sarkodie has come under serious attack for a line in his rap in Kurl
Songx’s Jennifer Lomotey, referring to Jennifer Lomotey as a Krobo girl
with beads around her waist who Okomfo Anokye has cursed with
But Kaywa, the man who produced the song, says Sakordie has told him he would be unwise to diss any Krobo girl.

Kaywa is not only the producer of the song but the one who together with Kurl Songx decided to feature Sarkodie.
In an interview with Onua FM Saturday, he said Sakordie was rather
praising Krobo girls. Kaywa again stated that he has spoken to Sarkodie
and he said “I’m married to a Krobo girl, I have a daughter who has the
same blood running through her and I will be unwise to diss Krobo

Kaywa said “if people are affected, then as a wise person, we will
reconsider [the song]”. “That’s what we are doing as management now.
Management is meeting right after this, and we will work out
something appealing not just to the chief but to everybody who has an
issue with the song.” Kaywa further stated that there is an edited
version which is going to be out soon, but he can’t retrieve what people
may have on their phones and audio devices.

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Esther Maseyo Azu, the convener of a Krobo advocacy group Kloma
Hengme and Heritage Association, said “we can’t force Sarkodie to
retract, but as a rational human being, he should know better and
“We want all Ghanaians to understand that we are registering our
displeasure about his statements, our paramount chief Nene Sackitey II
has given us his support and he has officially cautioned him to retract
and apologise.
If he doesn’t, I can’t disclose the next line of action our elders are going to take against Sarkodie.”


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