Why men cheat (it’s not because the other woman is prettier!)

To be honest, both men and women cheat.
But according to statistics, men are more likely than women to do this
and there are some differences between the sexes when it comes to
In order to understand why men cheat, check out 5 main reasons! 
1. Having less intimacy.
After marriage, most women don’t care
about a pleasing husband. They always claim tiredness. So men with a
high libido start looking elsewhere for satisfaction.
2. Woman’s nagging.
As a rule, single girls are loving and
caring. But after marriage, lots of them become to nag men over every
little thing. So a husband, who can’t stand it, seeks solace outside,
mostly in the loving arms of another single lady.
3. Woman neglects of the husband.
married women tend to neglect men when kids start coming. At the same
time, men tend to seek solace outside because they need someone to hang
out with, to watch movies with and to share romantic moments with.
4. Woman neglects of herself.
Most married women lose their some of their chic.
No more doing up her hair regularly, no more trim figure, no more
keeping up with the fashion scene. The attractive woman from the past
looks like man’s aunty. So he starts looking for another pretty
5. Variety.
point has no justification. But many men cheat because they want a
different variety. This is one of the major reasons why most men cheat.

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